57 Kilometers in My Bike

It was a normal morning when the phone of my house and it was my friend Manuel and he said we can we ride on bike today with my dad and mom and a friend that was called Rafael so he picked me up and went to the club llanogrande and changed to the riding cloth and got our bikes and went to bike house so they fixed something in my friend Manuel bike because it was new. Then we reached 10 kilometers and every one was okay the we reached 30 kilometers and we where tired we could continue because our goal was to get to a place called la union that was 57kilometers so the got to 50 and it started the longest hill and the most tiering one that was 7 kilometers and I was almost dying but I got there and then a car picked me up with my bike and the rest of the people and it was the longest and hardest time on a bike that I had been.

One thought on “57 Kilometers in My Bike”

  1. Wow what a challenge! I like your description of heading up little by little. I was wondering if you would make it to the end!

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